Murphy Paving & Sealcoating strives to be at the forefront of environmentally friendly or green initiatives in everything we do. From job construction to on-site maintenance and new equipment purchases, we make it a priority to use recycled material when allowed. The pavement we utilize comes from up to 50% recycled asphalt pavement or RAP. RAP is a blend of previously used asphalt that is crushed into a fine standard-size aggregate and incorporated into a new asphalt mix, which performs exceedingly well on new asphalt parking lot installations.

We are in the process of testing the use of asphalt shingles in new hot mix asphalt. This innovative, green technology saves hundreds of tons of petroleum on just one job. We are also testing a new solar reflective sealcoating. This acrylic-based coating reflects sunlight, further preserving the pavement.

We are also in the process of updating our entire fleet of equipment and transportation services to meet or exceed the new diesel fuel emission standards years before the federal deadline. We use only recycled oil in all of our equipment and vehicles and we capture any oil from these machines to be recycled by our oil provider. We also apply green initiatives in our office printing and energy use.